Much like a wishing stone, this is nice to rub from the matte, polished porcelain and the glazed, glassy band around the body. The matte areas are susceptible to stains, so be careful throwing around that red wine. As always, this dishwasher is safe.
A small spoon rest with a graphic of a butt in the center of it. A speckled clay body was used and it is it's natural tan color with a clear coat of glaze.
An average sized ash tray with 3 slits to lay your smoking vehicle on. A graphic of an anxious looking octopus holding a cig with text saying "I'm okay" is displayed in the center.
A saucer that has a base color of white with sprayed black glaze. Roughly 2 inches in width and 1 inch in height. A great size for dipping those Mcdonald's chicken nuggets. A speckled clay body is used.
An average sized coffee mug with a base color of white with sprayed black glaze that is more dense in color towards the bottom and lightens as it reaches the top. A speckled clay body is used.
Not currently for sale
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