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A B2B product that measures job performance and encourages transparent communication.

The team and myself were tasked with creating a 0 to 1 product. This included strategy and research around the target audience, establishing KPIs, creating a roadmap to MVP, vetting and testing proposed features, creating a scalable design system for fast iteration, and maintaining an ethical and fair evaluation process.

Dashboard and mobile view of the home screens for gage.

The Dashboard

This is where an owner of a company can stay on top of how they are preforming at a high-level. They can drill down into an individual team and track performance. They also have the ability to manage their employee roster.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is where managers can easily communicate with their team members by sending them encouragement or course correcting messages—called touchpoints. Here, they also perform monthly or quarterly evaluations, and receive notices. Employees can keep records of their performance and documented feedback that they can use throughout their careers.

We needed to create a safe space for transparent communication and relieve anxiety around discussing job performance for both leaders and team members.

Discussing job performance can be uncomfortable at times but it doesn’t need to be. We found that teams without clear and defined ways to give and receive feedback were not regularly doing so outside of quarterly evaluations—especially in fast-paced work environments.

We also found that most employees wanted to know how they could improve and desired clearer expectations. Team leaders needed an efficient way to encourage, course correct, and evaluate their team members.

Home screen of the mobile app that shows the data visuals for the gage score.

The Score

The score is calculated using a patent-pending algorithm created by mathematicians and evaluated by HR specialists. At every step, we needed to make sure that it was being fairly calculated. It is made up of a combination of evaluations, touchpoints, notices, and job history.

2 mobile phone screens showing the UI for touchpoints.


Touchpoints allow for regular feedback between managers and employees. Having this dedicated space opens up communications channels and eliminates unwanted surprises during quarterly evaluations. Employees constantly know how they are performing and have a paper trail to show for it. Safe guards were put in place, via the algorithm, so this feature would not be abused in order to excessively manipulate an employees score.

2 mobile phone screens showing the ui for evaluations.


Evaluations all happen within the app but are not meant to take the place of an in-person meeting; which can be requested. Soft skills are ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 with space for additional comments and context. We also show examples of behaviors at different score ranges to better inform managers on how to appropriately score each soft skill.

2 mobile phone screens showing the ui for sending notices.

Send Quick Notices

Employees are able to send their managers quick updates to inform them when they might be late, request a meeting, etc. We also wanted to reduce the stigma and anxiety around submitting a 2-weeks notice. It’s a normal part of career transitions so we included a template resignation letter which can be customized. It will also prompt a meeting request because we still want to encourage in-person discussion when possible.

Special Shoutouts—

  • Luke Golden, Team Director & Engineer
  • Jordan Epperson, PM & Sr. Strategist
  • Bailey Dingley, Project Manager
  • Matt Campbell, Engineer